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ky's 3.1 run

Thanks for the Memories

Do you know a person that lights up any room they enter? Can you hear their laugh in your mind because it's so incredibly distinctive? For everyone that knew her, this was Kylie.


'Ky', as everyone called her, did not only give herself to every club and sport she was a part of, she gave her heart and soul to every single individual close to her. Her heart radiated throughout her smile, and my goodness, she smiled more than anyone we've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Kylie was reunited with God after an awful car accident the summer before her senior year of high school. Kylie's dreams of attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse were torn away. Though Kylie was not able to fulfill her dream of furthering her education, nearly 200 high school seniors and counting have now been given an opportunity to take on their dreams with a guardian angel guiding their way.

Ky's 3.1 Run was located in the heart of the beautiful countryside of Chaseburg, WI. This rigorous course can be either ran or walked, and always enjoyed. Each year's profits fueled a scholarship program that rewards active students just like Kylie. We invite you to come smile with us. 

      C O M E            S M I L E        W I T H   U S

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Past Events

Each and every year, proceeds from each race were put directly toward scholarships that benefit local high school seniors. Below are the names of the local high school seniors who's lives were changed because of Kylie's legacy.

2023 Recipients

Jayda Berg

Dawson Gronemus

Katie Gruen

Denali Huebener

Audra Johnson

Aubrey Jothen

Madalyn Komay

Brody Konrad

Maggie Muehlenkamp

Olivia Nedland

Hanna Nelson

Meghan Nelson

Hailey Sill

MacKenzie Stellner

Elijah Stovall

Garrett Vatland

2022 Recipients

Brenda Berg

Presley Brueggen

Tia Flock

Genevieve Haugen

Jackson Hilden

Ella Johnson

Elias Larrington

Avery Leis

Evan Marshall

Cheyanne Nash

Kellen Olson

Hallie Overson

Hannah Pedretti

Logan Perry

Jhett Sherry

Emilee Swanson

Alec Wall

2021 Recipients

Grace Bendel

Nichole Dahl

Lydia Evenstad

Lars Gretebeck

Jaylin Holte

Ellen Johnson

Garrison Korn

Anna Kreuzer

Hayden Martine

Mackenzie Molledahl

Isabella Nedland

Olivia Nelson

Bailey Olson

Joseph Roethel

Annie Schreier

Annika Seland

Macy Stellner

Matalynn Wood

2020 Recipients

Karly Anderson

Josi Bishop

Luke Bjorkland

Gabriel Engh

Jordan Gettelman

Haley Hagen

Bree Hatlan

Liza Jackson

Amanda Marshall

Gracey Mlsna

Austin Mowery

Weston Muehlenkamp

Noah Nelson

Andy Role

2019 Recipients
Sam Berg
Sierra Cade
Alison Connelly
Ryan Daines
Rebekah Dwyer
Makayla Gretebeck
Derek Helgerson
Kelsie Helgerson
Josie Hofslien
Kaitlyn Hooverson
Ryan Knight
Karlee Kreuzer
Elsa Luebke
Alexis Mahan
Dawson Marshall
Haakon Mathison
Morgan Olson
Alexis Ratzburg
Nolan Rux
Erinn Sebion
Kari Seland
Kade Sherry
Hunter Ward
Sarah Weninger

2018 Recipients
Bradley Ackerman
Lauren Berg
carter Bergdahl
Jada Berra
Taylor Berra
Juila0nne Call
Lexi Crume
Grant Dayton
Mirand DelMedico
Erek Devine
Sharice Elbert
Hayden Fredrickson
Eva Gajewski
Michaela Grabowski
Alex Helgeson
Kiarra Keenlance
Jessica Marshall
Alec Meurer
Emily Olson
Haley Olson
Kennedy Ornes
Sydney Sherry
Ryla Vatland
Bradley Vielhuber
Kenzie Von Ruden
Grace Wallace
Abbey Wedwick

2017 Recipients
Jenna Allen
Evie Lovstad
Erik Luebke
Emma Lee
Reid Dosch
Chase Wedwick
Dawson Rux
Spencer Berg
Dani Knight
Kyle Hansen
Riley See
Kyara Manske
Bronson Pederson
Riley Cade
Brynn Cade
Eric Peterson
Beta DeFlorian
Jess Bishop
Connor Olson
Matthew Armbruster
Alyssa Hass
Amber Nelson

2016 Recipients
Alec Fieck
Anika Olson
Ashley Dwyer
Caya Wolhman
Connor Von Ruden
Haley Cade
Jade Frydenlund
Joe Call
Kalebl Ihrke
Kelsey Daines
Lauryn Dickman
Lexi Midtlien
Peyton Ward
Sadie Korn
Sawyer Hammes
Spencer Oeftdahl
Tanner Snuestad
Travis Hofslien
Travis Schmitt
Tucker Schmidt

2015 Recipients
McKenzie Berg
Betsi Bishop
Logan Bjerkos
Kylie Bluske
Kendra Brazelton
Brett Cade
Emily Culligan
Samantha Hansen
Zachary Johnson
Lucas Knight
Samantha Korn
Brock Leum
Jordan Lucas
Rebecca Maxwell
Austin Meurer
Zachary Olson
Brooke Pederson
Brady Rudie
Bryce Rudie
Tanner Schmitt
Thomas Seland
Lexi Stendalen
Chase Von Ruden

2014 Recipients
Caycee Bean
Megan Clemment
Zach Dwyer
Tanner Gibbons
Katie Gillespie
Logan Gutenberger
Brooke Kendall
Wesley Oldenburg
Grant Peters
Alex Robson
Jared Anderson
Matthew Cade
Jordyn Dwyer
Jenna Frydenlund
Alexis Gilkes
Lucas Grabowski
Ryan Gutenberger
Mitchell Larson
Cayley Peters
Leah Peterson

2013 Recipients
Alex Bluske
Emily Bergum
Joshua Hass
Abby Midtlien
Jacob Hanson
Lexi Leum
Nick Neely
Dan Foster
Allyson Daines
Tyler Ihrcke
Emmitt Edwards
Courtney Nelson
Brian Dunnum
Samantha McGarvey
Alex Midtlien
Nick Schroeder
Rachel Maxwell
Maddi Lovstad
Chelsea Daines
Hailey Hansen
Lanie Rudie
Dane Devault



Thank You Sponsors 


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Griffin Family-Bryce, Kate, Emma Marie, & Oscar

Gunderson Health System

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Gajewski Dental Office

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The Korn Family

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Hamburg Hills Farms

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Westby Softball



Checks can be made out to Ky's Keep on Smiling Scholarship
S1815 Hwy 162
Chaseburg WI 54621

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